The Marks Marine Pharmacy is a dedicated weight management clinic founded by a team of experienced professionals specializing in weight management services in one of the world’s most elegant and glamorous areas, Mayfair. The Marks Marine team has spent years researching and treating obesity, so we know how to provide our patients with effective and practical weight loss solutions to help them succeed on their weight loss journey.

We designed a bespoke online consultation process using the most recent clinical evidence and years of weight management experience. We can recommend and support you with appropriate and effective management treatments based on the online consultation and the expertise of our clinical team.

All of our medication is dispensed and shipped directly from  Canada based, GPHC registered Pharmacy.


What Our Customers Say

Andy Marrison
Andy Marrison
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Good customer support made an order, and I got it the next day.
Mary Simpson
Mary Simpson
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Thanks for keeping your word. i received my package today
David Osweld
David Osweld
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Great Prices and customer service so polite

Meet Our Team

Marriette Rosso, BSc. (Pharm), RPh.
Alvin Singh, BSc. (Pharm. ), RPh.
Joseph Mcwield, BSc. (Pharm.), RPh.
Rose Smith, BSc. (Pharm. ), RPh.


Marks Marine Pharmacy is a geographical region within a medical clinic that also serves the local community . Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your medication will be shipped directly from our fully regulated Canadian Pharmacy and will be dispensed by a licensed Canadian pharmacist.



A pharmacy, in our opinion, should do more than just dispense medications. A pharmacist should always be available to provide education, guidance, and support in a pharmacy. We have pharmacists and health consultants who specialize in various areas of health who are always available.


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